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I write a weekly (more or less) political column, Wake Up Call, for the Genesee Sun, a small online newspaper in Western NY.  My latest is a titled A Roomful of Elephants, a list and brief description of what I think are the 10 biggest "elephants in the living room," massive issues that are largely being ignored in the current political conversation.  It may be of interest to forum readers.  In coming weeks I'll be working on a list of "elephant guns," i.e. very specific, concrete actions that can/should be happening right now, to address the 10 elephants.

Cross-posts and sharing is welcome. 

Mike Williams
Rochester, NY

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Mike, it is great to see another NEW YORKER. It seems NY'ers seem to be immune from anything in this country. Although, many issues in this country are not effecting NEW YORKERS. Our State is doing pretty well compared to most. We are helping our people and doing more than most states. However, still more could be done for our state on a whole. Here in the Down state it is not too bad thank God,

We have more civil liberties issues effecting us happening now with the guns and crime. Upstate is beautiful in the summer.

Keep on working hard to make the Empire State shine very well.


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