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I am part of a society for people who love to be barefoot and go barefoot and some live barefoot. It is There are currently no laws against barefoot it is legal to drive barefoot and comfortable for feet and healthier.  I go barefoot always and no laws in stores. However some places make a big deal. It is our rights as people to wear what we want or don't want. We need to have rights and freedoms to be who we want to be and how we want to be.

Shoes are damaging feet and to much corporate nonsense makes us wear stuff that we don't want  and hurt our bodies. We need rights for all people Human Rights and dignity for all people.

Please be open minded to everything.

Barefoot is  comfortable and healthy




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As well Barefoot is better shoes trap to much bacteria. It is healthier to take shoes off during day as well circulation.

In states like Florida, cali many people go barefoot to store and out to someones house movies and anywhere and also driving barefoot it is safe and comfortable

 Most don't care but there are many militant uptight shallow people who think everything is a crime. I want the world to be free and barefooters get respect.

If lifeguards go barefoot anywhere and besides staying healthy feet and legs need to be healthy which is an important part of the body.

Sorry I feel many people want to be free but afraid to do what they want to and afraid to be the way they want to be


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Keep teaching people. 

It's not just your feet that benefit, but your whole body. We have an arch for a reason; lets not illiminate the benifit of a million years of evolution by supporting it.

I don't know if this is an issue that needs legislated though (at least not a party platform issue). Maybe have the topic added to high school health books.

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Yes Joshua that is what I was driving at your feet are holding up your body. It helps alleviate pain and takes away a lot problems.

I know I am young but I know it can help with some legislature
Due to the fact, in some states some public places have police after people.

Police can not and should not arrest you for what you put on your body and they even admit it is not against the law. They do it out of fear tactics.

I have heard it from people and all states won't even care but one state did in the south.

So we need to be free and not be oppressed as Americans.

Do you know how many people I speak to who want to be barefoot anywhere but are afraid for some dumb reason.

I go barefoot all weathers and will always and driving it is safer to drive barefoot you actually control the car better as well in wet rain people don't even know how dangerous it is with shoes when rain shoes slip.

The problem again is the corporate world wants to opress us with nonsense and say everything is bad.

I have heard people even listen to corporation say they should not shower waste water and they become dirty and get germs and don't even have hygiene. People want to be ignorant I DON'T.


I want to challenge anyone to go barefoot for three days straight anywhere and drive. DON'T CAVE IN AND BRING ANY FOOTWEAR WITH YOU.

guys and girls.

in warm states this is so easy. I mean any state.

Come back to me with a report.


Be kind to humanity and the nature


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I want to challenge everyone to go barefoot for three days straight and don't even bring shoes with you and drive barefoot.

So you can see. I want people to come back and tell me about

I know in warm states it will be eaiser but many states that are cold well not to cold
I have done it in 39 degrees.



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In case people want to know I do wear socks if super cold but prefer barefoot always.

I will be getting involved in barefoot hiking in Utah and out west hopefully.

The book" Born to Run" Barefoot running Christopher McDougal was on TV a while back. So many are doing it and It is happening in many cities across the US.
It is a great motivational tool and great spiritual tool.

barefooting west coast

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Dude, so awesome I love it

Oregon and West coast


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I'm going to invoke Occupy General Assembly guidelines and responses to topics and discussions. 

I think this is off topic.

How is going barefoot going to get JP on the ballots?

Lets get back on the path, barefoot or not, and discuss State requirements, getting and retaining volunteers, opportunities for promoting JP, fundraising, and getting the signatures.


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I love barefoot hippie chicks but I had no idea a group actually existed for this.. interesting. Have fun bare footing yall just make sure you walk or drive to the polling place and vote for Rocky even if your not wearing any shoes! might try this one day when I'm more interested in connecting with myself. and yes people ought to be able to go barefoot anywhere they want if they chose to. Its fine by me. To each his own 

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I was having a discussion with a European man in my neighborhood here in NYC. He saw me  go barefoot to the park and the mail box three blocks away. He said  to me about my barefooting  "it is nice I see" "ahh refreshing" as we further spoke about it I could tell he was open minded and understood it. I know Europeans, Canadians, Australians and more are open to basic minor things that would never have been brought up or even thought of as bad. In Europe  people want to be how they want to be they respect that and appreciate it. In Germany, Barefooting  was brought up in news and people respected it and did not care and saw the health benefits. It was a positive reflection.

They were open to it. Even when I visited South Africa in 2004, there was nothing but positive awareness. I  also believe it was because Cape Town is a city on a beach. Barefooting is normal there.  Here in America, I speak to so many people and the responses are not bad. Some are negative but can't change all people. The only problem is the low self esteem.  Do you know how many people I spoke to told me they want to go barefoot anywhere but are afraid to. This  is because of the corporate mongering  making people think you need to have things glued to your body and never take them off always and one needs to wear expensive things to be accepted. Such a stupid silly bunch of crap. I can't believe so many believe in it.

We need to stop living in a shallow and low self esteem world and be who we want to be and live free.

Take back our lives and bodies.

Be Free and go barefoot. Enjoy what life brings us.

I know it takes time.

I do challenge anyone to do it.Experience the earth and be in nature feel the ground below you. Plus it also helps you walk better. I know a doctor told me on my last visit that I have healthy strong bones and good feet. He said  my gait was good. He alluded that my barefooting is healthy. People don't take shoes off enough and rest their feet and move toes. Circulation is serious. Even Dr Oz talked about it on TV.

Next year I am planning on walking across a state barefoot or just in socks if slightly cold (haven't picked a state yet) to raise awareness for ending hunger and homelessness as well as helping raise money for mental health issues including ending suicide. I already have many people saying it is  awesome and would do it with me.

I need to find a nice state with scenery. Of course it will be spring or summer.
A little rain would feel nice.

Lets all get out there and defend humanity and help get this Justice party going and maybe we will see a change.

" Be the change you wish to see in the world"

My own quote

"Lead with dignity and respect will follow"

"may the sun bring you new energy by day,
may the moon softly restore you by night
may the rain wash away your worries
may the breeze blow new strength into your being
may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life"
 Apache blessing

Last quote of the day

"put your best foot forward, live a life of integrity, be truthful, free your feet and your mind will be open to all of life's pleasures"

Someone gave me that quote I don't know who.

Lifeguard of love
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   WOW!!!!!!! Amazing. I can't believe there is someone out there discussing this. It is cool and My girl and I have been discussing this to people down here in the cemetery of life "Florida" for a while now. Sorry for being sarcastic. Old people are nice but don't understand  being progressive modern ways some times. Some do but not all.

    Way to go!!! I love it. I always go barefoot and have been for three years straight with my girl. I work as a lifeguard here in Southern Florida. My three other buddies I work with practically live barefoot. The ocean is a wonderful place. I live 3 miles from beach and  am always on beach but do stray off the beaten path though(Barefoot). It is worth it to feel the beautiful land to walk on and the grass feels lovely. It is very healthy plus keeps body strong. Nothing wrong with walking on God's earth he created helps keep you grounded and spiritual. I workout this way to. Feels so comfy and good. My dress is always tank top and shorts and barefoot. I always go out and drive, bike or skate to work barefoot. It is so odd here people get dressed up to go to the beach. It is a weird mental thing. My girl says low self esteem or just plain fear.  I JUST SCREAM AT THEM. They are ignorant. Some jackass went into the ocean with shoes and complained about them being damaged. I think he had brain damage ha ha!!! He was a business man. Be natural my girl always says and I do to. Could it be that I am 24 and still love to just go out and be free. Surf the ocean and be part of the ocean!!!!!!  

     I did not even know this was an issue. I see many people barefoot at CVS, Publix (our grocery store) in fact anywhere and no body cares. Although, there are to many older people who look down on many things and do comment which I can't stand.This is great BAREFOOT RIGHTS Go figure!!! ha ha. So I say go ___yourself!!! If someone does not like, it is their low character(self esteem) courage what ever you call it. Not mine! If someone is not confident then they will get confrontation. My girl and I are confident of ourselves and bodies. We ever have any issues going barefoot though. For me I don't care. Go teach and preach this will help. Go Preach the good word BAREFOOT. I have been saying this for so long. People should experience it. Did not ever imagine it would be in political discussion. Wow Mr Barefootalways, yes your right,  FLORIDA IS A BAREFOOT STATE. I was born here and remained here. Your inspirational, "keep on rocking in the free world". LOL, that is a song LOL.

1) As well as barefooting, we need to be conscious of our environment. STOP POLLUTING OUR OCEANS AND KILLING OUR WILDLIFE.
For example, down here people are so cruel. To be so blunt! they are down right evil, ignorant, stupid, and selfish. They throw food and litter on our beaches that I have to take care of and cry about the filthy beaches.The ocean is so dirty just so sad. Then they complain to town hall meetings(which are all Republicans) that nothing is getting done. DUH!!! they are Republicans. I don't subscribe to any party. However, the Democrats are no where to be found.

2) we need to breathe CLEAN AIR. Doesn't anyone get it. I am sick and tired of teaching people to stop the killing of our earth and MY LUNGS!!!!

3) Stop the illegal drawing of redistricting that do not exist. It is a Crime.

4) What about Animal Rights?

5) Stop criminalizing everything especially in Florida.

This is all for today, He He

I keep getting contacted from Republicans for some strange reason do not know why, LOL and if you all in this party can do all the issues you all are fighting for then you have my thumbs up.


Thanks for letting me vent


Lifeguard of love
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"We never have any issues going barefoot though" That's the key. Never have any problems. Good Luck all of you. I find it nice. Hope this party can go forward and be a nice part of society.

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 Hell yea!!!Go Barefoot. This is perfect. I know what you mean. It is  healthy and helped my boyfriend with his back pain. He had some lower back pain and ankle issues. He could not find a good shoe to wear. Eventually he gave up. Little by little he is loosing his tolerance to shoes and wears them less and less. My view is shoes are damaging. I suggested he go barefoot and it made him feel good.

Reading all of your passionate responses lets do this. I go barefoot. Though, I don't often as much as I would like. I really need to do it more in the park and everywhere. Wearing heals so much can really hurt your feet. So yes, people don't know how damaging shoes can be over periods of time. Horrifying is what I think. My feet are always sore. Hate it.

I am in the Midwest and even though it is cold hell go barefoot. Be tough.

I purchased the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougal for my Boyfriend.  He runs barefoot now.

well spring is upon us soon.

 call me the barefoot chick ha ha

just passing through your forum.


Keep teaching and show people the way



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Diane if you still out there, I am always teaching and educating people on barefooting.

It has been OK here in NYC not to cold we had a mild winter. I am from Queens NYC. A nice part of  NYC. So have been barefoot mostly, I am doing a walk across a state (don't know which on yet) to help end hunger, mental health issues, and homelessness and a for my friend a new issues dear to her heart woman's equal rights and pay as well. I haven't decided when I am starting to plan  it out.  I do have some people who will do it with me. It will be fun and toughen up and feel good. I want to finish my first year of law school and barefoot or at least socks in classroom. Rock on we are the 99%. 

I truly loved the Midwest. Three years ago I barefooted  in Chicago with my friend she dared me to and I did. Lincoln park is great has nice grass and beautiful park. It was a 84 degree summer day low  humidity and was "Shoeless in Seattle" that same year ha ha like the movie get it. I am funny!!!!  In Seattle, I also went out for the book signing of  "Born to Run"  in stores tons of barefooters there and missed a large corporation which had a go to work barefoot day in April for a good cause. Everyone left there house barefoot and got in car or bus and went to work. I  was not there to help promote it unfortunately. My friend was though. I usually am barefoot or at least socks at any office Job I have had and will have anyway he he.

Hey Rock the Vote


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Teach, Teach, Teach,  people should know it.

Keep on preaching

This is so true

Go for it

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