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Hi Robert,

My experience living in Asia and Africa for the past 10 years has led me to consider this a global gilded age and unless we look at this from a global perspective, we are missing a very big part of the puzzle.  We cannot solve this problem with an American only solution without isolating our economy from the global one.  American tax policies and employment policies will be ineffective in the long-run when faced with workers willing to earn $3/day.


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Mike, I agree. Things should sort themselves out after few decades as wages in what are now developing countries rise and begin to equal our wages. No guarantee that will happen but it seems likely. In the meantime I don't see an American solution to the problem. The world has changed. It is simply bad news for average American workers who expected to do better than their parents. Wages are likely to be depressed for quite awhile. We had our century, the 20th, now others are having theirs.

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Admin Note: Original poster asked that his post be deleted. I have complied with that request. As everyone's replies is their own, I have left the thread intact. Note that I had to change the URL in order to move everyone's post to a new topic.
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