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I know this site and forum were built using NationBuilder, but there are some major issues I'm having with the forum that I wanted to expose, wondering if I'm the only one with the problems.

My default browser is Chrome, but I've also tested the forum with IE, and the same thing was happening:

If I click ANYWHERE on the forum besides the very specific links, I get sent to the Justice Party home page. It's simultaneously annoying and frustrating when trying to browse the forum.

On top of that, the tabs for "Control Panel", "Search", "New Posts", and "Logout" are all non-working, also transporting you to the main page.

Whoever runs the NationBuilder account for the Justice Party, I ask that you check into it with NationBuilder support or something. It seems amateur to have these issues, and I'm worried that a possible supporter/contributor would be turned off by a simple mis-click.

Thank you!


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I am a newer, using Mozilla Firefox. It works fine for me today. I hope it works for everyone at least since today.

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These issues should now be fixed.
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