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The attendance was better than the last call, and Rocky Anderson's presence on the call made for a lively discussion.

Walter Mason, Utah, National Ballot Access Chair
Rocky Anderson, our Leader
Ben Shaw, Texas
Peter Wood, Florida
Paul Carrano and Barbara
Carrano, North Carolina
Keith Noren, Alabama
Steen Kirby, Georgia

Invited,but did not participate on the Conference Call

Anissa Catlett. Kentucky
Juliana 99. Oklahoma
 John Seibles  South Carolina
Harry.Galer, North Carolina
 Joe Crowder Missouri
 Till Eulenspiegel  Arkansas
 Joseph Keene Tennessee

Justice Party of Mississippi

Zakk of Oklahoma


1 . America Elects Walter went over decision to participate in America Elects. Paul  of North Carolina asked  whether Rocky's campaign had proof that America Elects' signatures were real. Walter answered that the number of states in which America Elects had ballot access could be verified from public sources. Ben mentioned that former Senator Boren of Oklahoma turned in the signatures for America Elects efforts in Oklahoma.Walter noted that the millions of dollars that America Elects enables them to pay canvassers to collect signatures.

2.  Rocky Anderson joined the call. He said that his campaign was pursuing a parallel course of action:
  • Seek to use America Elects to gain greater exposure for his positions and candidacy. Rocky said that if he could  become second or third vote-getter on America Elects, he could get an enormous amount of publicity. If America Elects treats him unfairly, he  would still be following the 2nd path of the  Justice party. The first deadline for determining whether America Elects allows the candidate to proceed to the next round  is May 1, 2012.
  • Rocky also talked about how the Justice party ballot access effort is still important. No one should feel that America Elects removes the necessity for pursuing ballot access for the Justice party or for Rocky's independent candidacy when the Justice Party access is not achievable.
Rocky talked with the group about picking a V.P. candidate, but he said that he wanted to be in a position of strength when he asked someone to be his running mate. He also talked about how any person he asked to be his Vice-President would want to know how many states would Rocky and the Justice Party be qualified to appear on the ballot.

Rocky talked about how difficult it was to get publicity for his campaign. The paradox was that a video on YouTube could go viral and be seen my tens of millions of people,  but Rocky's speeches have not ye t gone viral. The question Rocky posed to the group was how can we create and distribute content that goes viral.

Ben  re-emphasized the fact that  we should be using State Facebook pages to cross-post Rocky's speeches. Rocky said that his Facebook page contained "a years' worth of content that could be used on the State party Facebook pages.

3.  Peter in Florida said that he was still recruiting volunteers. His action item from last week, which was to talk with the Florida Secretary of State, will carry over until next week.

4. Paul of North Carolina said that he had discovered the Justice Center,and was helping them in the area of foreclosure, investigating the actions of banks who fail to protect consumers' rights. He also is investigating a possible  law suit, but will have more about that next week. His goal is to raise the profile of the Justice party in the community.
Paul's wife, Barbara,  reminded everyone that there are many groups who share our goals, and that it is important to ally ourselves with those groups. Both Paul and Barbara also said that everyone needs to leave fear behind and boldly pursue the goals of the Justice party.

5. Keith of Alabama  talked with the Alabama Secretary of State who said that it was not necessary to have the voter registration number on the petitions. Paul is visiting several counties around the state to build up support for Rocky and the Justice party and for his petition drive. He talked with the Latino Immigration Rights leader who said that she didn't know of any big meetings on that issue at this time.

6. Steen of Georgia is helping with Rocky's Facebook page. He has also talked about getting Rocky certified as Write-in candidate in Georgia.Steen also talked about offering  strategy suggestions to Rocky. Ben suggested that Steen posted his views on the Forum at
Action Item: Steen to post article on the Forum
Action Item: Steen shared his phone number with Keith of Alabama and Paul of North Carolina about helping them their Facebook pages.

7. Paul Konkoly, Midwest Regional Coordinator talked about progress in his region. He also created a Justice Party Midwest Regional . Paul shared his contact information with those who wanted to know more about Nationnbuilder.
Action Item: Ben asked Paul Konkoly to check to see if long articles or attachments could be posted on Nationbuilder.

8. Ben of Texas shared developments in Texas regarding the unexpected Court decision moving the signature period from late May until now. Ben suggested everyone view the signature gathering infrastructure that he is building on the Texas Justice party Website.

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actually it's the Justice Party facebook page not Rocky's facebook page I help run it along with a couple of other people

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I do believe Jesse Ventura would be a great VP. He is on the money with everything he says. He is a very smart man as well as being a former Governor.

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