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Sorry for the late post/

The attendance was not very good at the last call, but those who participated had a lively discussion.

Walter Mason, Utah, National Ballot Access Chair
Ben Shaw, Texas
Peter Wood, Florida
Paul Carrano, North Carolina
Keith Noren, Alabama

Invited,but did not participate on the Conference Call

Anissa Catlett. Kentucky
Steen Kirby, Georgia

Juliana 99. Oklahoma
 John Seibles  South Carolina
Harry.Galer, North Carolina
 Joe Crowder Missouri
 Till Eulenspiegel  Arkansas
 Joseph Keene Tennessee

Justice Party of Mississippi

Zakk of Oklahoma


1. The group agreed that it is important for Rocky Anderson to name his Vice-Presidential Running mate as soon as possible:

Possible names for Vice-President mentioned

Dennis Kucinich, who just lost in Democratic Primary
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
William Black, former Banking Regulator from Missouri
Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico or some prominent Latino officeholder

2. Heard a report from Keith Noren of Alabama who was brought up the Immigration issue in Alabama and how divisive it was. Keith mentioned hat many farmers in Alabama are upset with the Republican legislature for passing laws which ws making hard to find workers to work on their farms because Latinos had been providing mos of the workers on their farms. There were several Latino groups who were holding rallies in Alabama, and Keith was wondering whether Rocky might be able to be able to become more involved on that issue in Alabama.

Action Item: Keith asked Ben to resend the link to the sample messages on the Texas Website. This action item is now done.

3. Heard a report from Peter Wood of Florida. Peter said that he is making good progress towards finding other volunteers in Florida. One of his volunteers is working on duplicating Ben's Texas Justice Party Website with modifications to create a Florida Justice Party Website. 
Action item: Peter is going to talk to Florida Secretary of State to see what the Secretary of State would accept as proof that Rocky is the nominee of the Justice Party.

4. Ben Shaw mentioned to Walter that the idea of a national convention should be revisited to see if there was any way to have one, even if the convention was a virtual one like the proposed convention that American Elects will be holding. The group discussed briefly how this might be done.

5. Heard a report from Paul Carrano of North Carolina who waned to discuss the possibility that Rocky might be nominated by the Libertarian party in North Carolina. Walter and Ben encouraged Paul to at lease see what options existed.
Action  item: Paul with start discussions with the Libertarian party to see how they feel about Rocky Anderson.

Paul mentioned that he had met Walt Brown a former progressive politician from Oregon who moved to North Carolina.

Action Item: Since Walter Brown is a retired lawyer, Paul is going to talk with Walter about whether he can refer Paul to a lawyer who can provide Election law  help in North Carolina, especially if a law suit becomes necessary.

6. Heard a report from Ben Shaw in Texas. Ben again offered to provide help to other state coordinators about creating a state Website for their state.

7. We talked about the toolkit for State Coordinators with Walter Mason. Everyone agreed that the State Coordinators needed more training, especially new coordinators who were just beginning their work as state coordinators.
Walter has been working to pull the toolkit together.

Call ended.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ben Shaw, acting State Chairperson for the Justice Party of Texas
National Justice Party Ballot Access Coordinator for the Southern States.


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to throw in a couple of names for running mate I would suggest Cornell West the Princeton professor, Keith Ellison a congressman from Minnesota, Ron Wyden a senator from Oregon, Pete Stark a congressman from California and a couple of others I can't think of at the moment. 

of the names mentioned Richardson is currently undergoing an ethics investigation for "pay to play" accusations and campaign finance abuses so he would not be a good choice for Rocky considering his message about running a clean campaign and having the highest ethics.

 Kucinich is a strong progressive with name recognition and would in theory consider it now that his congressional career appears to be over but he is a little on the fringe and his human rights record is very concerning and clashes with Rocky.  Most notably his ties to the Gaddafi and Assad regimes in Libya and Syria.

Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate this year and is the Democratic nominee against Scott Brown in a very tight race so I don't think she would be an option for Rocky's VP as she is pursuing her own elected position.

Bernie has also mentioned repeatedly he wouldn't do anything to run against Obama even on another ticket so while he would be a great choice I don't know if he would do it.  He didn't support his friend Ralph Nader in 2000 even though they shared similar values so its an interesting situation with Bernie and I'm not sure where his agenda lies at this point.

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the toolkit would be a great idea and if Walter needs any help with that I would be happy to assist him in any way possible. 

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Russ Feingold would seem like someone to consider as a running mate. I can't think of anyone better at the moment.

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I don't believe anyone who was currently in Washington would make a good  VP. The best is someone who is out of the loop. Jesse Ventura would be great. He is always trying to uncover the truth.

I would not support any VP who was in Washington as a senator or congressman.

"Life is worth living, if we nitpick at everything we will die of fear before we accomplish anything in life."


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I can't think of any winning ticket who didn't have a least one person who served in Washington on it going back to FDR. Feingold is not your normal Washington politician. He was the only member of the Senate who didn't vote for the USA PATRIOT Act went it was first voted on. He didn't vote to give Bush authority to invade Iraq as did a large majority of the Senate. Also there was the McCain-Feingold act which the Supreme Court threw out in the Citizens United case. Are large numbers of people actually going to vote for a mayor from a moderate-sized Western city with relatively little national visibility without someone on the ticket who has served in some capacity in Washington? I have sort of lost track of Jesse Ventura but I have a feeling that in many parts of the country he is still not taken seriously because of his unusual background.

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  Robert you have a good point. However, Feingold  like everyone else eventually had to succumb to the nonsense in Washington.  He was against many things but he still is a corporatist. Jesse Ventura is uncovering so much. I do believe he is in hiding.  I always wanted a native New Yorker for office. Since I am a native New Yorker, it would be nice to see it. Sad we don't have anyone who would be honest in NY. Maybe the first Mario Cuomo. He was a great Governor.

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ya Feingold would be good as well.  For an out of the box thought what about Glenn Greenwald? he has name recognition and he shares a lot in common with Rocky on many issues especially wars, constitution, torture and civil liberties

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I think the word "corporatist" is getting thrown around without being defined. There may be no good definition but I would draw the line at NAFTA (and similar free trade agreements). I think those who supported NAFTA are corporatists and those who opposed it aren't. As you might remember, the environmental movement was split on NAFTA, the Sierra Club opposed it and NRDC and Environmental Defense Fund supported it. By this definition Russ Feingold is not a corporatist.
Chris Stegman
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Everyone is throwing out possible VP candidates who are DP loyalists, including Kucinich.  They are career Dems.  Wake up!  We need someone like Cornell West, an independent who has actually criticized Obama's policies and is not afraid of the spoiler issue.  We need a person of color or a woman.  There are plenty of options but who is on the search committee and working with Rocky on this?  Otherwise, we're blowing in the wind.

Ben Shaw
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Good point, but Dennis also criticized Obama on many fronts. That is why they targeted him in last primary for defeat. They succeeded.

There are many qualified persons had there who should be considered. Right now getting on the ballot in Colorado and Florida depends on Rocky having a running mate. Many of the so-called progressives with name recognition have failed to step forward and helped Rocky.

Let's find someone like Rocky who is principled, articulate and has the guts to stand up to the establishment. I suggest you and others do like me and forward names for V.P. to Rocky


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You actually need a VP candidate who has held an office before.If this does not happen,He/she will not be taken seriously.
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