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With changes to the web site and his appearances this week,it seems that Rocky is moving in a positive direction.

Aaron Rosenbaum

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Yeah. Whats key is to show the American public that there are other 3rd party options. They've always existed but in order to properly represent the people there needs cant be a deuopoly.

Ben Eastwood

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This is something that needed to happen earlier, but better late than never.  In the meantime, folks need to start actively working on Ballot Access.  We need to learn from each state, and we need to set the groundwork in each state to insure that we achieve ballot access in as many states as possible, and that the process is not thwarted by snafus on the state level.  Folks on the ground in each state should be learning the ropes and communicating back to the party hq what they need in order to achieve access in their states.  This is a grass roots effort, and we are the roots, nes pas?  It is up to us to grow!
We came, we saw, we gathered signatures, we sued, we gathered signatures, we got Rocky on the Ballot in Vermont. That was the easy part, now we have to get this Justice Party Started!
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I really like what I read here. I do have a couple of issues though.

1) I would like to see how the revenue numbers work out. If everything the Justice party wanted was realized, would the budget be balanced? Would we start reducing the debt?

2) I think the Transaction Tax is a huge mistake. I don't think you want to prevent people from abusing the market system by breaking the market system. You might reduce speculation but the collateral damage would be enormous. A good market needs to be liquid and efficient. The Transaction Tax would hurt both. If you look at the markets around the world that have transaction costs, those markets are irrelevant. My guess is that if you implemented a transaction tax on U.S. markets, then the markets would start to migrate overseas. Eventually, this might even lead to the end of the dollar as the international currency. For me, this is a deal breaker.

I really like all of the other listed party commitments, even though they are thin on details. To be blunt, this party looks more like somebodys hobby than a serious effort. I'll check back though. I look forward to this party getting to the next level.
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