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Some members who may not be on the Listserve or on committees might be wondering if there is any recent party news. Sometimes I get sent emails with questions. I don't officially speak for the NSC but since I believe in open and transparent government, I'd like to share some updates. I'll try to provide this info to the best of my ability without stepping on any toes. If I have anything wrong, feel free to private message me and I will edit my text.
>Is there a platform yet? 
There was an early platform floating around. New members were added to the platform committee and things picked up. They decided to rather than start with a long laundry list of items to place in the platform, to take a step back and consider the values that the party will represent. The committee recently completed the values document and I think it is going through a final revision. Some great work was done on this document. The next step is to introduce that document. Following that, they will work on creating goals based on those values. Those goals will be transformed into the platform. I'm not completely involved with the process so my description might be a tad off. One of the platform members has stepped down and so I think they are in need of one or two more volunteers. Contact Lenny Brody if interested (and qualified. lol)
>Is there a mission statement?
Rocky and Jon Ruga (Co-chair) were working on this document. I believe it is completed as I recall seeing an email exchange on the topic and seeing parts of this document. It might be called 'vision' rather than mission statement.
>Is there any consensus on whether this is a populist party or progressive or transformative or etc. etc. etc yet
Good question! Recently, there have been much emailing between National Steering Committee (NSC) members and non-members. Very heated debates. Similar to 1775. However, with politics, it can often get ugly and the conversations turned into shouting matches. I'm a ZEN kinda of guy so I think as heads cool, we can restart that conversation. Maybe using some Japanese nemawashi. I think that with the creation of the values, mission and platform, the party will come to realize what our members feel we should represent. The end result might not appeal to all people or some elements may not. As I said in a recent email, if 80% or more does to me, I'm happy. My feeling is that the members of the party were drawn to Rocky's campaign and so share similar hopes for the party. Most likely the party that emerges won't be too far from what Rocky ran on.

>Where can I find the party bylaws
I'm not aware that they exist. I'd like to see a committee made to start working on it so that a formal document can make it clear how committee members are added (and removed) and what their powers are. Maybe at the convention this will be addressed?

>Any other committees on the horizon
I've heard of a Strategic Committee. Maybe to help us target issues and experts on those issues. Laura is trying to build a Communication Committee. She needs copy writers, web designers, social media gurus and marketing people. Please contact her. I haven't seen a 'regional/state committee' talked about but I have suggested it. We need to get state parties moving in all 50 states for 2014.

I'm NOT interested in covering the recent war on the listserve. In fact, I'll delete any replies on the topic. If you'd like to reply on the topic of values statement, platform, the process of platform creation, committees or the mission statement, that's fine.

Carlos Camacho
Connecticut Justice Party
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