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State meeting notes from July 23, 2013
Mackenzie (TN)
Brandon (RI)
Carlos (CT)
Blyden (PA)
Sean (CA)
Ben (TX)
Lenny (IL)
(If your name is missing, let me know)

Carlos update on national level:
* Recent situation with NSC covered
* Platform situation explained with potential democratic remedy to move forward
* New logo very close to finishing; will allow us to move forward with website and online store
* More work completed on new membership software program
* New point people in CA will allow CA to finally move forward
* Changing over to Google Groups for mailing list management
* Need to work towards a central location to store state files to allow easier state party setup
* Setting up meetings in a shared Google Calendar

* Potential way forward to accelerate state party building by focusing on states with 2 or 3 passionate members
* Setting goals

Items discussed:
* NSC must assign a new state coordinator ASAP (Membership member as well)
* Possibly people that contacted the party have not been reached out to
* Mass mailing pass volunteers, point people to gauge their interest in starting a state party
* How can state people obtain member data to better improve recruitment?
* Do people join state parties or national parties? Can they opt out of marketing from one?
* Why are only 150ish members cited (explanation of different databases and criteria for what is and isn't a member discussed.)
* RI Party working to court Sierra Club
* Potential to work in region level so nearby states can assist each other
* Need to think about young voters and how to appeal to them, perhaps via a national youth voter coordinator
* Collaborate with all third parties and movements to create a national alternative media outlet (i.e. our version of Fox News)

Take-away notes:
* State Party Committee will someday run the party, with NSC taking direction, so now is the time to set the foundation and show states can work together
* We need to kick-it up a notch, set goals
* Member coordinator role needs to ask point people, 'You tell us what you need!' and then they make it happen, rather than national level putting barrier/road blocks in the way
* Don't hesitate to take initiative
* Party needs to consider the definition of a member

Thank you.
Carlos Camacho
Justice Party of Connecticut

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