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Walter Mason

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Members present: Charlotte Scott, Michael McGee, Lenny Brody, Caleb Raible-Clark, Mitchell Rabin, Cynthia Papermaster

Members absent: Kristine Kubat, Drew Goldsmith

Non-members present: Walter Mason, Laura Bonham

Walter reports that Hawaii is looking good, and that things are on-track.

1) Secretary for the conference call (Caleb?)
Caleb agrees to take notes for the meeting. 

2) Steering Committee enlargement (Kristine and Michael),
  - Proposition concerning Keomailani VanGogh to represent America's First Nations People,
    Vote  (See attached document N°1) 
Unanimous Approval
  - Presentation of Laura Bonham (Laura will be with us on the conference call.)
    (See attached document N°2)
Laura notes that she no longer serves Progressive Democrats of America as Deputy Director, and is now on the exec for Move to Amend.
Discussion about constitution and Move to Amend. Laura is "glad to hear she's in good company"
Laura is in what she describes as a trial period with the JP, not ready make a full commitment to the Steering Committee for another few weeks.

3) Ballot access report (Lenny and Walter),
Hawaii's deadline is tomorrow. Kristine and Lisa are playing catch-up. They got a couple hundred signatures today. They're right on track, in a race to the finish.
We now have ballot access point persons in every region, helping to find point persons in each state (we have about 35 now).
With all these people organizing simultaneously, we now have a forum at, to post information and host discussion
Money Bomb--We should each find 10 people to donate and spread
The Steering Committee needs to get fundraising going as well.
Nevada will be a challenge. We need to talk to student groups, and get defined weekly goals set out.
New Mexico Independent Party will be changing name to Justice Party.
Discussion of the next batch of states to come.
Suggestion that it may be easy to pay the $500 fees for Colorado and Louisiana to just get on the ballot.

4) Developement of the new Justice Party web-site (Walter),
Walter notes that we now have a great graphic designer team, but that we lack content. We need writing, interesting articles, weekly--perhaps daily--blogs.
Laura says she can be of some assistance to develop content. Notes that we'll need a lot of people, and is able to help coordinate releases, email blasts, etc.
Laura will talk with Michael and try to develop a process for information development, decision-making, publishing.

4.5) Justice Party Radio program (Kristine and Mitchell),
Mitchell's second show around Justice Party and Rocky aired right before this call.
Mitchell has been emailing The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. He got a no response from The Daily Show, but he is persisting in trying to contact them.
Laura suggests that we should work on a coordinated media plan, including this.
5) Report on Rocky's California tour (Cynthia),
    (See attached document N°3)
Synopsis: Rocky was there from the 15th until the 19th, mostly in Northern California

Lunch with Richard Winger (from Ballot Access News)
Rocky was well received at the 99% coalition gathering
Rocky attended an Obama protest outside of a $3800/person Obama fundraiser
Rocky was on the radio, KPFA
Rocky met with the fresh juice party
Rocky attended various events, with overwhelming favor and support in almost every context

Rocky has decided on working with Peace and Freedom in California. CA Justice Party will be handling this
6) Should the Justice Party become a membership organization?
  - Advantages and disadvantages (Michael).
Should we require dues (on a sliding scale)?
Benefits: Membership is clear, three categories (volunteers, paid members, voters)
Suggestion that we have a card--"card carrying members" and buttons
Discussion of what, precisely, would be the benefit of being a paying member (voting vs other benefits)
Michael, Lenny, and Cynthia will provide a more developed proposal of membership

7) Justice Party Program issues :
    US has now 1,5+ Million Homeless Children but maintains 1000+ Military Bases WorldWide!
  - 30 minute documentary :

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Since the Justice Party National Committee already filed with the FEC the statement of organization (see ), shouldn't the Steering Committee now be called the Justice Party National Committee, or has the filing process been delayed because of the FEC's request for more information ( see )?

Has a response been made to FEC's request?

What impact does the FEC request have on the state committees?


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"Walter notes that we now have a great graphic designer team, but that we lack content. We need writing, interesting articles, weekly--perhaps daily--blogs."

I can do this.
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