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The Justice Party USA Steering Committee
A meeting on February 29, 2012

Members present: Charlotte Scot, Michael McGee, Lenny Brody, Caleb Raible-Clark, Mitchell Rabin, Cynthia Papermaster, Kristine Kubat,

Members absent: Keomailani Van Gogh

Non-members present: Walter Mason, Laura Bonham

1)  Draft Plan for the Justice Party National Steering Committee (Lenny),
Review of the main objectives: identifying politically influential and prolific people to publicly associate with; formalization of a preliminary platform; growth of the greater national committee, in order to better connect at all levels and communicate with state committees; fill positions of executive director, treasurer, head of fundraising, and legal counsel. Eventually--after this election probably--we'll need to develop a far more comprehensive strategic plan.
Discussion of national headquarters address
 - Will need to be near the treasurer, for checks sent
 - Possibility through the SLC office
Discussion of Treasurer candidate--
Mitchell has volunteered as the interim treasurer, with the grateful appreciation of the Committee.

2) Justice Party Website monitoring (Walter and Michael),
Steering Committee Members will each create a bio and submit a photo.
Suggestion that we each select one day of the week to manage the web site.
Walter recommends that instead we (the steering committee) act as moderators.
An alternative would be identifying active members of the forums, having SC members moderate hot-button topics or forum areas.
Let's use the forum to recruit volunteers.
Discussion about volunteer recruitment and departmentalizing organization.
Caleb will post a notification of volunteers sought.
3) Ballot access report (Walter),
  - Lessons from Hawaii (Kristine),
  - California ballot access and the Peace and Freedom Party (Cynthia),
Walter will be sharing a document with us soon on this topic.
  - How to be efficient in petitioning,

4) Communication and fundraising (Kristine, Charlotte and Laura),
Suggestion that we each build 10-name list of potential donors.
Idea for online auction?
Discussion about whether or not we'll fund candidates.
Laura will do some research on free registration for candidates.

4) Justice Party platform on the environment (Caleb and Mitchell),
  - Our position on "Fracking" - Hydraulic Fracturing ? (Michael),
We can have a weekly discussion about a platform issue, with a draft created afterwards with policy recommendations. 
The weekly platform issue will be our focus for media, networking, news releases for the week following its drafting.
It will be a draft opinion, seeking expert opinion, input, and participation.
It should be both educational and visionary.
We'll start this week; Laura and Caleb will build a position paper on electoral reform by Monday, with time for editing, and for consent vote on Wednesday. We'll then post the draft on the forum and ask for feedback and response.

5) Justice Party Program issues:
  - Raise Minimum Wage to $10 an hour?
Michael and Caleb will set up a schedule for coming weeks' discussions on these topics (20 mins per meeting)

Caleb Raible-Clark
National Steering Committee
Justice Party USA
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