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The Justice Party USA Steering Committee
A meeting on March 7, 2012

Members present: Michael McGee, Lenny Brody, Caleb Raible-Clark, Mitchell Rabin, Cynthia Papermaster, Kristine Kubat

Members absent: Keomailani Van Gogh

Non-members present: Walter Mason

1)  Draft Plan for the Justice Party National Steering Committee (Lenny),
We need to broaden the steering committee, to widen expertise, fill critical competencies (namely fundraising, legal counsel)
We should be appealing to those who are supported by PDA, but not by Dems. These people can fill and stabilize our ranks on the steering committee, so that we might develop the national committee.
Ideally, we want to find people from both ends of the political spectrum.
Submit names for potential people to be added to the steering committee to Lenny Brody (

2) Liste of Steering Committee members with Bio + photo,

3) Ballot access report (Walter),
  - California ballot access and the Peace and Freedom Party (Cynthia & Michael),
We have had good progress getting folks to participate in Peace and Freedom party to get Rocky in office.
It would 
Please send names of people in California you know who would be willing to contribute a small amount of time to the the Justice Party to Cynthia Papermaster ( or Michael McGee (
4) Justice Party Strategic Planning Workgroup (Cynthia),
Examine this document; we'll talk about this more next week, and get people assigned to specific tasks.

5) Justice Party discussion on the Minimum Wage on March 14 with Alan Maki 
This will come up next week.

6) On the nature of the steering committee
We have a lot of work. Between the steering committee meetings, we should be scheduling working groups functioning as subcommittees to develop ideas.

7) Status of Mississippi
The national Justice Party Steering Committee will consider paying the $300 filing fee for Bobby Karan, the Senate Candidate for Mississippi.
Michael will contact the candidate, Bobby Kaeran for discussion first.

Caleb Raible-Clark
National Steering Committee
Justice Party USA

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Please respond to this post from Feb 26.    I'm trying to understand the relationship between the Steering Committee and the Justice Party National Committee.  The answers to my questions would be beneficial at arriving at that understanding.

----------- Start of Feb 26 Post -------------------
Since the Justice Party National Committee already filed with the FEC the statement of organization (see ), shouldn't the Steering Committee now be called the Justice Party National Committee, or has the filing process been delayed because of the FEC's request for more information ( see )?

Has a response been made to FEC's request?

What impact does the FEC request have on the state committees?

------------- End of Feb 26 Post --------------------
Since Mississippi was brought up - is the Steering Committee aware that Mississippi also received a request for information from the FEC?  How does the Steering Committee advise the state committee's at avoiding similar  types of requests from the FEC?


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Can we get another Steering Committee update?
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