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Following is some expertise from Kristine Kubat, member of the Steering Committee, on effective sound bites.

I honed my "pick-up" line and in the final hours before our petitions were due was gathering signatures at the eating area in front of COSTCO like they were fallen nuts under a big ol' tree.

This is it:

"We are a coalition of conservatives and liberals working together to get money out of politics. We need your help to get on the ballot."
They stop chewing,  reach for a napkin.

"We believe the Democrats and Republicans are out of control."
The head starts nodding, the eyes roll in an "Amen, sister" kinda way.

"We are starting a new party, called the Justice Party to give voters a real choice this Fall."
They take the pen. 

There's all kinds of other things we can say as they are signing to help them understand who we are but this is really all it takes to engage people across a very broad spectrum. Black, white, hispanic, asian, polynesian. . . we got it all here and I reached out to all these demographics in every age group. I did not mention Rocky. I said nothing about environmental, social or even economic justice.  I got 21 signatures in 30 minutes with the above. 

The most popular sound byte when talking about Rocky specifically was, "There's no Democrat who can lead Republicans and no Republican who can lead Democrats."  Describing the existing system as a deadlock that has resulted in a leadership vacuum really hit home, even among the politically active. What gives them hope is the option of voting for someone who, like Rocky, will take a voluntary pledge to limit how much money they take from any one source.  They want to know that the person representing them is not doing it for the money. 

I think the best strategy is to build our base with middle class folk who would never camp out on a street corner but can certainly make their way to a voter booth.  Let the Occupiers and the Greens and the Independents come on board later once they see we have done what none of them could do. . . capture the hearts and minds of working class Americans who are disgusted by the way money pollutes politics.

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Hi you said   "I think the best strategy is to build our base with middle class folk who would never camp out on a street corner but can certainly make their way to a voter booth.  Let the Occupiers and the Greens and the Independents come on board later once they see we have done what none of them could do. . . capture the hearts and minds of working class Americans who are disgusted by the way money pollutes politics". This is true. I am helping the NY state rep here with some research and called a local party here because he asked me to work on this question. "Is there a specific person within the organization whom would be amenable to listen to and advocate for Rocky within the party?" So I did just that and called the WFP,The Working Families Party,
This is the guys response. He first came off defensive and then stated we are spoilers. I reiterated by saying no we just want to get someone else on the ballot. This is what I wrote in the email.

It looks like the guy I spoke with at the Working Families party did not seem interested. In fact, he seemed like he would not want to.

He said we could talk about something later on . He felt we are going into it to fast and  not starting out little by little. He said how can you endorse someone when your not a full party. He told me they are endorsing Obama and many Democrats in NY. They support both parties to be fair on some issues. He came out to say Obama is good for NY.

Can you believe it. How can a party be independent but still support so many of one party. Their platform is so close to ours and they share the same concerns.

Well I am still trying.


Craig in NYC


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"I think the best strategy is to build our base with middle class folk who would never camp out on a street corner but can certainly make their way to a voter booth.  Let the Occupiers and the Greens and the Independents come on board later once they see we have done..."

I wonder if this is the best strategy. It seems that Obama is aiming at these "middle class folk." Obama's problem I think is that he has lost support of his base on the left and is assuming that they have no other place to go so they will wind up voting for him. It seems to me that Rocky Anderson would have the easiest time getting support from the people on the left who are really unhappy with Obama. If he can get a lot of support there maybe that would serve as a base and others from the middle would join.

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Thanks ccraibleclark!

good ones to have in pocket.


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Are conservatives really part of the Justice Party coalition? The justice agenda on the homepage looks great to me but I find it hard to believe any conservative could support it, at least as conservatives now define themselves.
Walter Mason

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Economic Justice:

  • Implement major domestic green jobs and infrastructure programs
  • Re-establish and make viable workers’ right to organize
  • Create a fair, democratic, and transparent financial sector that serves the needs of start-ups, small business and consumers
  • End incentives for U.S. companies to send jobs overseas
  • Enact a financial transaction tax that will curb reckless speculation and provide revenue for job creation, job training and education
  • End the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy
  • Compassionate and rational immigration reform
  • End to subsidies for oil and gas companies
  • Free education through four years of college or equivalent as a right
  • Protect public investments by opposing and reversing the privatization of public assets

Environmental Justice:

  • Enforce employee and environmental safeguards in trade agreements
  • Ban the Canada-to-Mexico tar sands pipeline and mountain top removal
  • Enhance air and water quality protections by strengthening the EPA
  • Take aggressive action and leadership on the climate crisis and the environment

Social and Civic Justice:

  • Affordable universal health care through Improved Medicare for All
  • An end to the wars; reduce the military budget and redirect money to domestic economy
  • Marriage equality
  • End race and gender discrimination
  • Treat substance abuse within a public health framework rather than as a criminal matter
  • Repeal the PATRIOT Act
  • Abolish corporate person hood and implement campaign finance reform to end the corrupting influence of money in politics
  • Prosecute the illegal conduct that led to the economic melt-down


Ten Reasons to Vote for Rocky Anderson in 2012

  • The promotion of the public interest through the defeat of the systemic corruption that has caused massive failures in public policy.
  • An immediate end to the on-going wars.
  • Essential health care coverage for all citizens.
  • Urgent international leadership by the U.S. to prevent against the most catastrophic consequences of climate disruption.
  • Adequate revenues to balance the budget through fair taxation.
  • Treatment of substance abuse as a public health, rather than criminal justice, issue.
  • Control of the Federal Reserve by the Treasury Department and Congress.
  • A balanced budget (or a surplus) except in times of war or major recession.
  • An end to the legal concept of corporate “person hood;” a constitutional amendment to overrule Citizens United.
  • An end to the stranglehold on our government by the military-industrial complex.

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 Walter, I do believe these are great talking points. I have tried here in NY and without viable proof like gatherings, advertising etc can be hard. I have referred a ton of people to the website doing my part. I like all of you on here and made friends which is great we all need to help each other some have better ways to spread the word on freedom and justice.

  You missed another important topic in the civil rights/human rights is our prison system and to end the atrocities of locking people up.  Someone brought up in the forum the military industrial system don't know who. That is so important to. Finance issues are really important but civil liberties are also equally important. Ron Paul is pushing that the most. My number one issue which is dear to my heart is Affordable health care and education. I also want Rocky to focus on repealing Citizen's united. Without people's liberties no one would exist. We are the Justice Party shouldn't be the most important is civil liberties and Justice.

Yes, I am  passionate about helping people get the rights they deserve.

The Question I ask which might be a difficult one is what  is the number on issue he will run on that separate him from the others?  Many Dems have the same issues but don't act on them.


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What about freedom of speech this is such a dire need in this country. This should be up there. This one of the most important to me as well.  This is true justice.


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Wow, sorry never knew that word was a bad word. Wow, sorry everyone is uptight.

Forgive me for speaking my mind.

I will never do it again

Kristine Kubat

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My apologies for not paying more attention to this thread. It is somewhat irresponsible to post a comment and then ignore responses. 

First, it is important for everyone to feel free to speak their mind. As long as we are civil it is very productive. We can't be afraid to disagree.  

To get specific:  Working to build a coalition between conservatives and liberals who are disgusted by money in politics IS a good way to form a base.  It is important to keep this objective in mind: WE ARE BUILDING CONSENSUS.  
This is what the Occupy Movement is all about.  If you actually count how many people are camping out and taking to the streets under the "We are the 99%" banner, you will quickly see the math doesn't hold true.  The Occupiers are outnumbered even by the percentage of elites flooding the elections with corporate cash. Still I believe the Occupiers have a right to speak on behalf of the 99% because they are, by and large, representative.  What's most significant about this statement is that it represents a national rallying cry for consensus.  We know nearly all Americans are disadvantaged by our politics, but they have to come together to change this. 

If we want to get to the point where the 99% can work together, we must start this grand unification process by identifying the things we already agree on. Ending the corrupting influence of money in politics is the number one thing people agree on.  That is the point I want to make with my observations.  If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Go out on the streets or in a parking lot (not at a rally with like-minded progressives but mainstream America) and ask people if they would support a new party that would limit the amount of money candidates take as a way to prove they weren't in politics for self gain.  This is the one thing we pretty much all agree on, so. . .

We start here. We pitch a big tent, with room for everyone who agrees this is a problem. We inhabit that tent. We build trust. Then we move on to the next issue.  
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