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Walter Mason

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Salt Lake City, Utah, Capitol Hill, February 29,2012, 11:30 am:  A grassroots party spearheaded in Utah by a growing group of frustrated democrats, republicans and libertarians was made official today when the Justice Party of Utah was notified by the Utah Lt. Governor’s office that it is now certified as an official political party in the state of Utah.  As such, it will have ballot access for the 2012 election cycle.  Its certification means that Justice Party candidates will be able to file to appear on local or state-wide ballots by contacting their county elections officer.    

The grassroots Justice Party announced its formation on December 12, 2011 in Washington D.C. as an alternative to the “duopoly” that the two major parties have become.  It focuses on ending the corrupting influence of corporate and special interest money in the political process and will field candidates who pledge to reject all corporate and special-interest money in order to represent the public interest.  The goals of the party are to achieve economic justice, social & civic justice, and environmental justice for all citizens.  It pledges to apply the rule of law evenly at every level of society and government, and to safeguard individual liberties guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Rocky Anderson (former 2-term mayor of SLC and long-time environmentalist and public interest advocate) is the Justice Party’s candidate for President of the United States.  He reflects his party's platform in speaking out against the corrupting influence of money in government, against the erosion of rights guaranteed by The Constitution, and against the draining of our nation's resources to support illegal wars of aggression.  The goal of the Justice Party is a government that is responsive to the people rather than to multi-national corporations and the military industrial complex.  Its grassroots supporters believe that THIS particular time in history is pivotal--that NOW is the time for people to shed their skeptical view that their votes don’t matter; that NOW is the time to recognize that our 2-party system is a “duopoly” controlled by the same corporate and military interests; that NOW is the time to get involved in the political process so our nation can achieve a brighter, sustainable future.


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Awesome Walter,

When we talk to people what should we say.


I am excited

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This is fantastic! Let's make sure we get the word out.
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