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Tony Liang

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There are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.
What about us? How do we style ourselves?
"Justice Party Supporter" is a bit too wordy and clumsy, so how about one of the following:
- Justicist
- Justician
- Justicar
Maybe something else?

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I feel those names, while incorporating the most integral part of the name of the party, seem too bourgie and power-hungry. I'd be wary of that kind of name, that could just be my perspective, though, not sure if anyone else gets that feeling.

Right now I just comment that "I'm with the Justice Party" or "I vote Justice Party" which I think works fine. Unless it's a name/label that automatically feels natural, I wouldn't force one that we don't need.

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I listened the founder's public speeches. I personally feel that he is working to make this piece of land provide EQUAL chance, EQUAL right and EQUAL legal standards for every one.

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Maybe if we don't have a good name, we'll just have to call ourselves Americans

No Difference

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If members of the DP can call themselves "Democratic," and members of the RP can call themselves "Republican" (neither of which are true really), then why can't members of the JP call ourselves "Justified?"
Cooperation, coordination, and clarity are essential to creating a political party based on equality. Cliches and equivocations will not move this or any other party forward.
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