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"The legitimacy of a state rests upon its claim to do justice"- ALAN RYAN

"In my view, all that is necessary for faith is the belief that by doing our best we shall come nearer to success and that success in our aims (the improvement of the lot of mankind, present and future) is worth attaining."- ROSALIND FRANKLIN

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can- GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

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I first saw Rocky explaining the party on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman.I said to myself"yes,justice is at the core of the problems in the US".The Democratic party used to be the party of Justice,but sadly after Clinton started the DLC,the Dems started to be captured.The rope a dope started,the rhetoric of the Republicans,especially talk radio and Fox  started the caustic seep that has ruined the minds of middle America.A return to Justice,not the present justice for the rich,connected,but justice for all ,and prosecution of those who did break the law.

Ecological farming is the future of agriculture.
Ben Eastwood

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I watched Rocky PWN! the corporate media lady on the al jazeera discussion about corporate media that also featured Amy Goodman.

We came, we saw, we gathered signatures, we sued, we gathered signatures, we got Rocky on the Ballot in Vermont. That was the easy part, now we have to get this Justice Party Started!

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On KRCL, a Salt Lake City independent radio station. The Justice Party appeals to me primarily because of its opposition to the corporate/financial dominance in politics, its commitment to the constitution and its interest in a Green/sustainable agenda. 

Those interviewed on KRCL impressed me as having a balance between the idealism of Justice and the pragmatism of sound economic, social, etc. policy.   

In light of how many US citizens feel displaced and unrepresented by other parties, it seems time that a group emerges which is willing to engage in open conversation rather than polarizing debate as a means of guiding its policies.

When Rocky was interviewed on KRCL, he had a brief disagreement with the show host over how to resolve the sudent debt crisis. Rocky's final statement was that if he and the host were to sit down and think about the problem, they would together be able to think of a solution that satisfied each of their concerns. 

THAT is the kind of approach that a third party needs in order to consolidate the concerns of this generation of citizens.

I still believe in the potential of Humanity, the inheritence of the enlightenment and the necessity of Democracy.

Sorry for the rant. Lets keep the conversation going  
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The Young Turks

The Rachel Maddow Show 

That is where I learned about the Justice party. 

If only the party had a chance of winning......

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Articles in Op Ed News.

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In response to "LJohnSant", (message #19) I would like to state that I too still believe in the "potential of Humanity". Most of "We The American People" could become Our Own Government through Direct Democracy Processes. But this will be a long and arduous undertaking. It will start with Better Education of the coming generations...may there be many.

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Originally Posted by JoshuaBudden
Rocky's appearance on The Young Turks, for me.
Same here, I just saw it and instantly felt sympathetic with the guy and the party.  If only the Democratic Party would step up and take a bolder stance on these issues the Justice Party represents, I'd feel more comfortable sticking with them, but right now they simply seem much too conservative.

I really hope younger libertarians will switch over to the Justice Party.  I understand their frustration with the military-industrial complex and the war on drugs, but on every other issue libertarians are backward extremists.
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I saw some news coverage of the third party presidential debate on PBS NewsHour. I liked the sound bites I heard from the Justice Party candidate. So I searched and came here to learn more about it.

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I heard the party from D-R-G-J 4 parties' debates. I then watched several videos. I feel the party presents my value and brings hope to the country.

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A friend of mine shared the Wikipedia page for the Justice Party on Facebook. After reading a summary of our *tentative* platform, I was compelled to find out more.
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I was at a rally in OKC for third party ballot access and ran into a guy trying to organize a Justice Party of OK.
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